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About Us

Service Air Conditioning Melbourne Pty Ltd has been in operation since 2015 providing air conditioning and mechanical service solutions.

Service Air Conditioning Melbourne Pty Ltd brings with it experience and a broad wealth of knowledge to be successful in covering all areas in both the commercial and industrial field.


The company has been able to take advantage of the co-operation offered by its supplier partners including industry associates, equipment manufacturers and wholesalers etc. These partners are providing invaluable assistance in ensuring we can provide efficient and cost effective service solutions.

Service Air Conditioning Melbourne Pty Ltd


Service  Air  Conditioning  Melbourne  Pty  Ltd mission  statement  incorporates  the  following  key elements:

  • To remain consistent with supplying products and to maintain the highest possible quality

  • Conserve our existing customer base through ongoing sales with encouragement of referrals to new and potential business

  • To keep updated with continually changing requirements within the air conditioning industry

Service Air Conditioning Melbourne Pty Ltd is unique in the particular focus that underpins its client’s needs. 


We understand that today; Knowledge, Innovation, Integrity and Transparency, provide the central focus around which all other aspects of a successful business relationship can be developed and sustained.


Our primary concentration is on Commercial and Industrial buildings, both in the CBD and Metropolitan areas, where we will provide a comprehensive range of services that our clients can rely upon to meet and manage their expectations.


Strong relationships with other industry experts, equipment suppliers etc., ensuring best cost structures.


Our staff are well trained, and constantly undergoing further training to remain updated with the industry changes. We have obtained Green capCm3 Pre-qualifications.  


We are progressive, proactive, ethical and transparent in all our client’s dealings.

Our Management team are available as required to give you the best Air Conditioning solutions and advise possible.

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